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i got a job interview this weekend! made my day(^ω^)and I’m wearing my new brooches♡

My friends laugh with me, not at me.Pinkie Pie


「あまてらす」/「AOGIRI」のイラスト [pixiv]


Some skirts I have available at the Midwest Lolita Collective booth at Acen this weekend!  (booth 940 + 942)

Two “Secret Ball” Skirts will be available, the only two I am planning on making as I have abandoned that line.  

One China cabinet skirt, one Forest of the Unicorn Skirt will be there as well.  I also sent them a skirt I made out of an amazing vintage fabric with squirrels and rabbits on it!

This is of course just the tippy tip of the iceberg.  I shipped three boxes to them, so there will be oodles of accessories and jewelry as well.


Metamorphose temps de fille
Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore Dress





i made this shitty quick powerpoint about why you should read and/or watch novala takemotos kamikaze girls because like nobody has read and watched kamikaze girls and its incredible. you should be reading this book or watching the movie. or both. theyre both great. seriously.

you can actually watch the movie (in six parts, this is like the best one on the internet sorry) right here now you have a link and no excuse please please please watch kamikaze girls!! 

The book is also great (and the subtext is totally amped up).

One of the few books I re-read constantly.

I actually cannot stand the book and think that Momoko is like so over the top obnoxiously awful in it, but I really love the movie.


I never want to take this dress off.


Perfect Hairstyles: Choosing a hairstyle that works is such a pain. These hairstyles are adorable and they work!

all things kawaii. what does kawaii mean? its a Japanese word meaning cute.I will show you kawaiiiness to the fullest such as music tastes, animes mangas and whatever i may find. fashion and ways of the kawaii life <3 <3 i am a fashion designer i am inspired by all things kawaii. im all about cute. hopefully i will be opening a store soon focusing on lolita styles and any other japanese street fashions. so stay kawaii and dont change ^.^

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